"Making Memories"

Experience Innovation at TAJ

About us

The people at Taj Events and Marquee boast a very experienced track record in leading event management companies of the region, including arranging international level musical concerts in five star hotels, fashion shows, cultural/heritage functions, and private parties for diplomatic and corporate customers. .

The owners of the Taj Events and Marquee have accumulated experience of over 60 years in business and commercial activity related to construction, real estate development, agriculture services, and international trade. Our key staff members have a rich collective experience; from serving catering to multi-national companies, holding elaborate events, musical concerts, wedding ceremonies, to large academic events.

Our goal

make your experience an unforgettable event of your life

Our mission

offer complete services with the highest professional standards, no compromise on quality and integrity, and continue challenging ourselves on contemporary standards of creativity, in order to exceed customer’s expectations.

Wedding Traditions

Perhaps the most profound impact of any era on the Indo-Pak subcontinent has been the Mughal Empire’s. Reigning from the 15th century right up to the mid 19th century, a period of over 400 years, the Mughal’s have influenced not only the subcontinent’s architecture, but also its culture, art, music, and culinary, to name a few. Today, one of the most visible impacts can be found in the wedding ceremonies of the region.

We at the Taj Events and Marquee, take our inspiration from the heritage left behind by these regal people, who knew how to live and incorporate art, poetry, and color, into their lifestyles. We wish you to live those moments as royalty, and have a taste of how to live in style! From the grand wedding processions and elaborate traditions, to the exquisite Shahi Persian/mughal food, we shall be there to make your event memorable!